Friday, February 16, 2007

God incarnate or pedophile?

These people are intellectually dishonest. They start by pretending that it's just another form of love
(Jessie Helms)

Of all allegations, the most serious is that he is a pedophile. It is well known that he selects boys for "interviews" and abuses them.

This is the profile of a pedophile (from:, and much of it fits Sai Baba:

*generally, overadequate individuals
*high self esteem
*often self-insightful, articulate
*sexual history may include homosexuality, other deviant acts
*makes victim feel like a child
*has very clear and concrete ideas about what is appropriate for each age group

-they actively seek out OPPORTUNITIES TO BE AROUND CHILDREN in their preferred age range. It is not uncommon for a pedophile to be a teacher, coach.
-they are usually actively involved or at least associated with RELIGION. The pedophile, particularly, works hard to establish a good reputation in the community as an outstanding citizen or community leader.

Most of these abused children are unable to give testimonies because they are either threatened not to reveal anything or they are too young to realize that they are being abused.

For more details
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Statement of an fifteen year old Victim
Sam Young

Lingam materialization

Of all"materializations" of Sai Baba, perhaps the most dramatic is the lingam (also known as Shiva linga-the symbol of Lord Shiva) materialization. He supposedly produces this lingam, which is manifested inside his body on 'shivaratri,' an important Indian festival. After a few contortions of his body and vomiting, Lo! and behold!, the 'Lingam' comes out of his mouth!

What he does is nothing but regurgitation, which can be performed by anyone trained in the technique. Read more about it here.

He later altered his technique, since it is physically tiring, and instead of actually regurgitating the lingam, he introduces the lingam into his mouth from a towel, while wiping his mouth, and later just spits it out!

Here's a video where he just spits out some watery material into a towel. All the while, the lingam is held in the towel by his right hand. He later just takes it out. Observe closely the bulge in the towel between the right index and forefinger, where the egg shaped object is sitting comfortably!

Here's another video, where he introduces the lingam inside his mouth while wiping, and later brings out the same!

Meet some great regurgitators!
Stevie Starr
More video clips of Sai Baba cheating available here


P.C Sorcar is one of India's most acclaimed magician. In an article titled Baba's a bad trickster in India Today magazine, December 04, 2000, he talks about palming and various other tricks performed by Sai Baba. Sorcar says that "palming is holding an object in such a way that the palm does not look loaded"-to help appearance/ disappearance.

Sai Baba also "materializes" rings, necklaces and watches (although most of them have been reported to be worthless by many devotees). He apparently has many local jewelers who 'supply' him with these articles.

On August 29, 1992, many top politicians and other dignitaries, gathered at a function in Hyderabad. During the celebration, Sai Baba produced a gold chain magically and presented it along with a trophy to the architect. The TV cameras clearly reveals how Baba's assistant secretly passes him the chain when he lets go of the trophy:

This footage created such a furore that it was scrapped from future broadcasts. Talk of being caught red handed! And the gall of the man to clumsily cheat under the very noses of his followers.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sai Baba miracles; producing holy ash-nothing but simple tricks

The Law of Conservation of Matter states that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only redistributed. In chemistry, it is represented by the fact that the sum of the masses of the reactants are equal to the sum of the products formed in a chemical reaction.

One of his most famous (and frequent) 'miracles' is producing 'vibuthi' or holy ash. By mixing ash (obtained from dried cow dung) with a starch solution, he makes it into small, dry pellets. These pellets are hidden between the thumb and index finger or between index and middle finger. At the right time, he circles the hand a few times and crushes the pellets to give the ash.

Watch this video, which clearly shows the trick. You can also see him clearly transfer the pellets from the right hand to left hand and also see an attendant pass a handkerchief, which usually contains additional pellets:

Well, can fool some people sometime, but not all the people all the time!

Read a first hand account by his ex-devotee on his "miracles"

Investigating Sai Baba: how it all began

Somehow, even when I was a child, I never believed in god-men. India has a rich cultural heritage and a rich spiritual wealth; unfortunately, there are an equal number of 'swamis,' 'swaminis' and 'god incarnates' who fool gullible people.

Easily, Sai Baba is the most popular and well-known 'god incarnate' in India. He is also the most controversial, with allegations of fake materializations and sexual abuse of young men and children. It is clear that he is not all that divine as he claims to be. I hope that in my subsequent blogs, I would be able to unmask the baba for what he really is.